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And what about email "subscription"?
Squishdot Posted by Lalo Martins on Wednesday January 12, 03:50AM, 2000
from the oh-yes-please-spam-me-OOOOOOOOOOH dept.
I found myself wondering... what about "subscribing" to a Squishdot site, or even a discussion, so that any and all article posted gets spammed to your mailbox? Feasible? Is there any particular piece of code that is executed everytime a posting gets approved? (For "gets posted" there is, of course, the posting verification script)

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    Re: And what about email "subscription"?
    by Butch Landingin on Thursday January 13, 12:53PM, 2000
    Ummm, I'm not 100% sure as I haven't tried it myself, but maybe you can modify the code to create a "hook" DTML method that is called whenever something is approved (in the add/edit methods) and then create the DTML method that will send out an email message (preferably to an mailing list exploder).

    I would suggest using a "more robust" package (e.g. MailMan) for handling subscriptions to a mailing list. This would keep these things functionally separated and easier to maintain.

    Again, the same thing can be done (i.e. add another "hook") if you want a email message sent to a moderator whenever someone adds a message.


    -- Butch
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    • Re: And what about email "subscription"?
      by Rhoda Catindig on Tuesday February 19, 08:02PM, 2002
      Send me an email subscription.
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    Re: And what about email "subscription"?
    by Carmi Weinzweig on Monday January 24, 04:20AM, 2000
    I'd to know if the flipside is possible: having mail sent to an address appear as a posting. I would like to use SquishDot as an archive that people can also post to directly (for example when they are traveling).
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    • Sending mail to squishdot (or Zope in general)
      by Lalo on Monday January 24, 11:35AM, 2000
      I have been playing with this idea.

      AFAIK, what you can do (not hard) is write a script that parses the mail message and uploads it via http. I haven't tried yet because for this to work on my server it would have to decently support virtual hosting.

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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