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Re: Feature: Installation Instructions
by h MacKiernan on Saturday October 21, @09:55PM
I have downloaded and installed Zope from the source distribution.

I have installed both SquishDot and TinyTable.

When I go in to the Admin console of Zope (as super) and attempt to add squishdot site, I get an error stating "super cannot own"
(I get this same error when I try to just add a tinytable, so I suspect this is the issue)

However, the same sequence of steps works fine when running on an NT box (4.0) -- I'm able to add a squishdot site and see it fine.

As this seems to straddle the line b/w squishdot and zope, I've had no luck finding info in either documentation

I've added a new zope user, but cannot get in to admin console as that user.

Any help, including "RTFM" (as long as you tell me which F'ing M to R) is appreciated

h MacKiernan
Flaming Aleph Productions
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