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Squishdot and the CMF
Squishdot Posted by Matthew Lloyd on Thursday September 18, 07:12AM, 2003
from the moving-right-along dept.
I have a number of Squishdot articles which I would like to import into a CMF based site as News Items. Is this something which can be done? If so, is it possible to keep the creation date the same?

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    by Chris Withers on Thursday September 25, 02:36PM, 2003
    It's certainly possible, your best ebstwould be to look at the source code for Squishdot, and the creation API's in CMF, and then write a migration script to copy the postings across.

    Andy McKay over at http://www.zopezen.org maybe be able to help as he has done just such a transition...
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    • Re: Tricky
      by Kevin McKeown on Saturday November 15, 05:49PM, 2003
      He didn't import the old squishdot ZopeZen into the new cmf version, he dropped the squishdot site into the cmf site and skinned it accordingly. Simple but effective - I've done the same with the company intranet but would really love to export it properly.

      I've read somewhere that Amr Malik is doing some code to do this. Anyone know more?
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      • Budget?
        by Chris Withers on Friday December 12, 06:19PM, 2003
        Hi Kevin,

        If you can get any budget together, I'd be able to write you exactly such a script...

        Drop me an email if you're interested.


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        • Re: Budget?
          by Kevin McKeown on Sunday February 15, 01:53PM, 2004
          Thanks for the offer Chris! I work for a UK Ambulance Service NHS Trust and the chances of them having any money for something like this is less than zero :(

          I worked around the problem in the end: converted a few key squishdot files to ZPT, skinned it to look like the rest of the Plone site, stopped new items and replies and called it the archive.
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    Re: Squishdot and the CMF
    by Dean on Thursday September 25, 02:57PM, 2003

    This is also a start.


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    Re: Squishdot and the CMF
    by Amr Malik on Thursday February 26, 05:42PM, 2004
    Hi Matthew,
    Please see the entry here or on my blog at:


    for a Squishdot to Moveable Type converter. You could modify it to import into Plone. I personally don't know how it could be done, but I think it should be pretty straight forward. Please ping me if you do end up doing something like that.


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    Re: Squishdot and the CMF
    by Jack Ungerleider on Wednesday March 31, 05:18PM, 2004

    [I've really got to get here more often. :-)]

    One option open to you is to wrap your squishdot posts for plone. I've used this technique to get existing dtml-methods that process database queries into plone. It's not exactly what you want but it does allow the mixing of the sites. More information can be found here This is a HowTo I wrote for zettai.net


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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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