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Good groupware product?
Newbies Posted by Marco on Tuesday April 30, 12:59PM, 2002
from the dept.
What do you think of using Squishdot like a groupware web app to keep in touch an ERP consulting team?

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    Re: Good groupware product?
    by Chris Withers on Thursday May 09, 12:38PM, 2002
    It could be interesting :-)

    The lack of proper user authentication migth cause your grief, however :-(

    I'd recommend waiting for Swishdot if you can...
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    • Re: Good groupware product?
      by Ismet Dere on Sunday May 12, 10:14AM, 2002

      When/if will Swishdot be released? why are you still updating Squisdot? conflicting signals from you..

      I'm trying to aply Squishdot for my site but could not find any easy way to import mysql data, do you know any?


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      • Swishdot vs Squishdot
        by Chris Withers on Sunday May 12, 10:40AM, 2002
        Swishdot will probably get its first release some time this summer.

        Squishdot is still being maintained 'cos lots of people use it!

        As for data from MySQL, I'd install ZMySQLDA and then write some ZSQL methods and a Script (Python) to drive them which would iterate over your SQL data and call addPosting or addReply on the appropriate bits of your SquishSite. If you're like this done professionally, please let me know :-)


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        • Re: Swishdot vs Squishdot
          by ismet on Sunday May 12, 07:08PM, 2002
          thanks for your reply Chris, yes i like to get it done by professionals like you.

          i have few questions..

          1) will that be moveable to swishdot later?
          2) can we/you aply user proviles of phpnuke?
          3) i hope you give me affordable price?


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    Tomoye's Simplify ...
    by Someone special on Saturday May 11, 05:56PM, 2002

    As some note it would be nice to have a similar "meta application" (for online communities) available for Zope:


    What's needed in Zope to compete is an easy to use portal, blog, mailing list, membership, distributed publishing/editing etc.

    This all sort of exists in various Zope apps but needs to be better integrated.

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    • CMF ?!
      by Chris Withers on Sunday May 12, 10:38AM, 2002
      The CMF already gives everything you ask for, and Plone is a nice shiny layer on top of it that I don't like for irrational reasons I can't explain ;-)

      What more are you looking for?!

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    Re: Good groupware product?
    by Nobody on Friday May 17, 05:13PM, 2002
    We have used a very old version of BSCW (before OrbiTeam started licensing it) with great success. Nowadays you can download it and use it freely for 90 days. Check it out at http://bscw.gmd.de/
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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