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Rapid Deployment: Zope/Squishdot Rule
Websites Posted by Drew on Wednesday February 13, 05:05AM, 2002
from the schwing dept.

Dude, you rule. I run a small commercial web site called usadivas.com that features a really cool message board (you guessed it, Squishdot based.)

So why I am confessing all this is because of my personal website. First off, I fell in love with the template you used for the default squishdot theme. The problem was that I cut and pasted the theme into my own personal and quite static web site. As times changed, my personal web site grew, and I realized that changing 18 pages to replace the top header with something new was so lame. Then I remembered the Squishdot deployment and all that Zope stuff.

Well, I went back to the web and realised that Zope could save me on the challenges of managing a personal web site (that includes a squishdot forum.)

So now I am addicted to Zope and have you to thankfully blame. I am a perl geek at heart (python scared me, too inflexible) but now I realise the error in my thinking. So I am now bent on redoing my entire web site in Zope and have you to thank.

And by the way, your Squishdot RULES!



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    by Chris Withers on Friday March 29, 07:41PM, 2002
    I'll take the praise since I took over Squishdot maintenence from Butch a few years back ;-)

    I'm curious though, please provide me examples of something you can do in perl that you can't do in Python :-)


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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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